Kids Lessons
£17 per hour

Every girl wants a pony......or so the saying goes!

Well riding is not just for the girls, riding is becoming a popular sport for the boys too. Safe and happy kids (and horses) is important to you and us, we've been looking after kids for 50 years now, so we've got lots of experience. Mum or dad can drop you off and let you enjoy your dream hobby riding our gentle ponies.

Beginners - from tiny tots to teenagers, we will be there beside you. All beginners are on lead rein. We usually start off with a gentle walk up the forest path to get you familiar with the horse. After a few basic lessons then you will graduate to working in group lessons in our outdoor school.

Intermediate - depending on what you want to do, whether it is hacking out or learning to jump, we will teach you everything to get you ready for local competitions and shows. Most of the lessons will be in the school and will be in groups - so lots of new friends to make as well!

Advanced - you will already be jumping at this level and will have probably enjoyed a few shows too. These lessons are more intense, often individual lessons working at an advanced level on dressage, cross country and show jumping. You will benefit from access to our resident experts and we will be delighted to share your thrill when you win your first show!

Adults Lessons
£22 per hour
Private lesson £22 per 45 minute session
Hacks from £20 per hour

It's important that the riding experience suits the individual; there is no point in starting out learning to ride and being terrified as you find yourself out on a ride with others who have been riding for 20 years. In the same way if you've been riding for 20 years you probably want to gallop across the moor rather than a gently potter along the forest path and don't relish the idea of being out with the happy hackers! - we understand and that is why we try our very best to match things to make you happy.

Beginner or nervous rider - patience and empathy is so important, and we will give you plenty of it. We have seen terrified riders start out and after 3 months of intense riding (this means more than once a week!) starting small jumps! It can be done and we will try our very best to help you overcome your fears - however this needs dedication from you as well!

Intermediate - we reckon at this level, you probably love riding and have done many shows and events. Perhaps you want refresher lessons or just a lesson once a week to brush up on your jumping. Maybe you would enjoy a canter across the moors or want to perfect your cross country. Again we have plenty to offer and can tailor lessons on your experience.

Advanced - at this level you probably live and breath horses! Say no more. You've probably ridden all your life and may even own your own horse. You can share in the experience of our advanced members and want to gain that competitive edge with our advanced showjumping classes.