Places to Ride

So what makes us different at Milndavie Riding School? Well one of the things is the amazing places to ride all within 5 minutes of the stables.  There really is so much choice you'll want to try them all!

Forest - We are right at the start of the national park - and have the luxury of not having to step near a single road to enjoy this hack. You can ride round the 'big loop' of the forest which takes about 1.5hours or the 'short loop' which takes about an hour. It is very quiet and still and the only things you'll come across is the occasional walker with their dog (all our horses are dog friendly) or cyclist and the rabbits and deer.

School - with our custom built outdoor school, we can really get to work! We teach beginners to advanced riders in the safety of this soft grounded enclosure in peace as it's 5mins away from the stables hussle & bussle. We have jumps for all levels including cross country. With the school being full size it is also suitable for lunging and training horses and we are happy to lease you the school for your own horse training and events.

Moors - with loads of room for a great canter, you can't beat the freedom of heading up to the moor, only 5minutes ride from the stables and you are there. A great workout for both horse and rider.  Not many people to bump into as only the odd cow and sheep!

Old Railway track - if time is not on your side and you only have half an hour or so for a quick ride, then head down to the old railway - good flat ground for a nice trot and maybe even a wee canter. With an exciting steep slope to maneuver down (and back up!), this makes up for the short ride out.

Country Road - if you want a chilled ride up the country road nearby, you can enjoy looking at the lovely big houses, the race-horse stud farm and practising your highway code on horse back. Keep going and you can get to Mugdock for a canter round the old castle.

Pub Rides - the famous weekly ride out, usually a Thursday. This ride deserves a drink at the end as it's a bit of a work out across the moors! After feeding your horse and taking him back to his field - you can put your general knowledge to test at the pub quiz whilst catching up with everyone over a bite to eat.

Beach Rides – in an ideal world we would all live by the sea, have our own pony and ride along the sand on a sunny morning! Well we can offer the next best thing – with a bit of organising we can often get the ponies down to Irvine beach for an experience most of us don’t get to do very often.

Safety First - happy riders are safe riders.
i) all riders must wear a hard hat (to safety standard BS xxxxx) and appropriate footwear such as boots with a small heel. We provide hats on loan if needed. We also sell body protectors and XXXX Safety hitair jackets.
ii) all new members will be given a basic induction to determine their level of riding. This will involve a one-to-one with one of our instructors and possible lead rein